Locked in the basement

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I have spent the last few weeks in the basement of the Physics building at Melbourne Uni.


Now I’m not so sure, at the time there was talk of learning MATLAB in an easier-to-get-to location. Since then there has been a lot of interesting discussion with some of the other people down here in terms of the what/how/why of my project. I have done a few matlab tutorials and learned a few basic graphing functions. But it would take at least a science degree to learn it properly. But there are other projects going on down here too, lots of things flying around in the air. And there is so much stuff all around on every surface, like being in the mind of a mad scientist. But then there is the saying – a clean desk is the sign of a sick mind. It is a very different space from the sterile sci-fi future-world at the synchrotron. It gives me ideas about energy, fields and entanglement, whilst entangling my ideas like a whorl of cables.

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