Lightbridge / machine study no. 4

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‘Lightbridge / machine study no. 4’. This is another variation of the works created during the Synapse residency, a kind of model of the synchrotron itself in two forms, digital and physical. The installation uses a rotating 3D print sculpture of the synchrotron, which modulates light passing through it which is audiovisually fed back into itself. In other words, a video projector plays feedback onto the spinning sculpture from a video camera focused on the sculpture. To start the piece up, a light had to be shone into the camera, akin to how the synchrotron itself is fed source energy. Photodiodes turn the light into sound. On the wall behind the physical model is a digital animated model of the synchrotron, which uses scientific modelling and beam simulation software, tweaked to provide dynamic and impossible energetic events.

‘Lightbridge’ was exhibited at the UNSW College of Fine Arts’ Kudos Gallery, as part of ISEA 2013.

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